Sophie the Famous Cake-Maker Lives In the Retirement Home

She is 94 years old, speaks with a delightful old-European accent, has a small apartment on the 7th floor and prays regularly for the health of the elevator.
“I have been baking cakes since my mother first let me knead the dough when I was 8 years old in 1918,” she says.
“I now have 86 years experience behind me and finally I’m getting it right. Yesterday’s cheesecake is just wonderful! Would you like a taste?”

Inside, her apartment was Spartan. A small TV stood on a coffee table in front of two armchairs. Against the wall was a small table with 2 chairs for eating.
“Where are the shelves with all your recipe books?” I ask.
“I have no written recipes; they are all up here,” she said tapping her head. “I have a recipe for Linzertorte that’s been in my family for 400 years. It is the world’s oldest recipe for a cake. I have been carrying it around for 70 years. On Tuesday I baked a classic Austrian cheesecake that has been in existence for over 250 years and I reduced the sugar by 10 grains. It was a great improvement. I must remember to tell my daughter. She is a great baker; not in my class but pretty good.”
She pushed a small slice of cheesecake over to me.

“Have you ever had a taste of heaven?”
I tasted a tiny morsel from my fork, sampled it, rolled my eyes and dug in. It was like nothing I have ever tasted.
“Wonderful! I cried. “Can I get the recipe for my wi…?”
“When can I come back?”
“May would be good. In May I will be baking the Cheesecake again. Yes, I will see you again in May! I will be 95 years old then. Now its time for my rest.” She opened the door and helped me out with a gentle push.

I have date with the 95 year cake maker in May!


One response to “Sophie the Famous Cake-Maker Lives In the Retirement Home

  • Lynette

    What a beautiful tribute to your baking friend, to seniors in general and to making the most of every opportunity .May you enjoy many more delicious cheesecakes Leon and may we your avid followers enjoy many more such special blogs!!!

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