Artists Can Remain Artists in Retirement Homes

The majority of retirement homes offer a variety of activities so that residents can enjoy pastimes that suit their preferences. It seems that many Golden Agers have concerns that they won’t be able to find a community that truly supports their particular artistic interests. Actually, many seniors who move into retirement homes also find that they have the time, for the first time in their lives, to try painting or ceramics or other pastimes.

Let’s say you are a writer. All you have to do on moving-in day is find yourself a corner or niche in your new apartment, set up your computer and you’re back in business. No big deal. If you had been involved in acting, look for a drama group in the home. No drama group – start one yourself… The cultural conveners in the retirement homes don’t know everything and they will be grateful for an expert’s advice on how to get a new activity going.

Often, a change in lifestyle requires a change in mindset. While age is marked by physical and emotional changes, there is also a renewed opportunity to find meaning and purpose as life shifts. It’s a time to try new things, and still enjoy what has always made you happy. A change in scenery may require a little more effort on your part to find local resources that support your craft, encourage it, and help you thrive.

The term “Creative Aging” describes the aging of an artist very well. If you were creative all your life, whether it be painting or sculpting, singing, acting or making music, writing prose or poetry, your life in a retirement home is the place where you can really make your creative streak blossom. If you’re not the creative type, get involved. Who knows, you may discover new things about yourself – hey, what about a Self Discovery Group in your retirement home?


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