I May Have Reached My Level of Technical Incompetence

My beloved laptop computer crashed a few days ago. It was fine, we worked together batting out an article, smiling and laughing together. Then I saved everything as I have learned to do and went away for a couple of hours. I retuned and hit the space bar signaling that I was ready to work again and all I got in return was a blank screen. “The hard disk died suddenly,” said computerman as rubbed his hands in anticipation. He grabbed the laptop from me and began pressing buttons. “Can you see? It’s dead! Dead as a doornail!” He left before I could even ask for a quotation.

Two days later it’s back. “Everything is fine and we managed to save just about everything,” he said. “We know you had it all backed up. Ha,Ha…” Bust besides what wasn’t backed up, like the past 6 months, there are other problems and for the life of me I can’t deal with them. I understand what’s wrong and a couple of years ago I remember fixing these things easily. Now I find myself hesitating at every step. Besides those irritations there are a couple of major problems which computerman has to solve when he comes sailing in on his blue cape.  

I used Word and Excel 2003 because I always used Word and Excel 2003. You have upgraded me to 2010 and I have decided that I’m not going there. I want those old outdated programs back. It’s very simple – I cannot now start learning new software. It’s all a question of sell-by dates; not the software’s, mine. You are trying to impose new information into a box that is already full. It just won’t go in… But thanks, anyway, for the confidence you have in me.


One response to “I May Have Reached My Level of Technical Incompetence

  • radames88

    What hasn’t changed Leon is the value of experience coupled with a surplus of time that exceedingly senior people, not suffer from, but could use with abundance if effectively utilised. Why don’t you open a WordPress forum where elderly English speakers can have their say about life in Israel; challenges, opportunities etc. You might get a lot of input. People DO listen to commonsense and basic logic, irrespective of the hurricanical pace of cyberspace.

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