You Wanna Look Like 90?

thCADRCGITMaybe I Do… I didn’t shave on Friday by mistake. Something happened at shave time and I missed out. It happens. Friday morning emergencies, you know. I missed shaving again on Saturday and on Sunday I decided to give it a miss as well. By Monday one could see a distinct 9 o’clock shadow so I decided to leave it and see what develops. Maybe a nice, homey looking beard suitable for my age will appear. I always admire those elderly men who have beautifully sculptured beards. Today at breakfast my wife said, “You didn’t shave this morning.”

“Aha, you noticed,” I said. “It’s been like this since Friday.” “Well, get rid of it! You trying to look like 90?” she asked. “Maybe,” I said. “Maybe it’ll suit me, make me look distinguished and intelligent.” “Go shave!” she says. “Give it a chance,” I plead. “Maybe you’ll even like it,” I say. “Hrmpph. I hate it already!”

It’s still there. I don’t know what all the fuss is about with beards. I took a good look at Abe Lincoln in the movie ‘Lincoln’ the other evening. His beard was terrible. I bet his wife Mary never said a word about the scruffy, moth-eaten whiskers he sported. What about all the other men who have reached a respectable age and decided to give up shaving? They all look good and some even look great. Take Hollywood, for instance. The Oscars are coming up soon. You will see a profusion of beards on the male stars – all for the wrong reasons. At least my beard – if it survives the criticism and grows up, will be there for a good reason – I’ve earned it!



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