Sleeping Through the News – A Senior’s Delight

It all goes back to the time when it was discovered that not all sleep is equal and that there are different kinds of sleep. Basically there are 5 different stages of sleep. I am now in a position to add 3 additional stages:

  • TV Sleep where one falls asleep at any old time while watching the TV.
  • TV News sleep when one falls asleep while watching the news on the TV.
  • TV Middle East News sleep when one falls asleep while watching the Middle East news on the TV.

There is nothing so boring, so motionless and so sleep-inducing as the Middle East TV news.  Nothing ever changes. The same struggles, which have been going on for thousands of years are still featured every single day on the newscasts. The fights and battles that raged thousands of years ago are still raging. It’s as though the newsreaders are reading excerpts from the Bible on a daily basis.

On the other hand, and this is the good news, the sleep you have during the newscast is unbeatable. It is quite the most refreshing of sleeps and in addition, if there has been any bad news you have missed it. Missing the news catapults you back into the Age of Innocence. “Is that a fact? First I hear of it!”

The connection between sleep and the TV set seems to be a strong one and is linked to age as well. The older you are, the more TV you watch and the better you sleep as well…



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