Election Fever Hits the Retirement Home

Today is an election day which the government has turned into a sort of unofficial public holiday. In the retirement home we are rejoicing – we really need an extra holiday. All the residents need a direction and telling them that today is a holiday is a clear indication of what is expected. The coffee lady is not present and the coffee machine in the lounge is silent, no members of the cleaning staff are in sight although the front reception desk remains manned. There is a constant stream of residents heading out of the door and making their way across the street to the school which is our appointed polling station.

Inside the school they will add to the long line of would-be walkers, caregivers and wheelchair drivers waiting to do their civic duty. Once they have cast their vote they will stroll back home to the retirement home and hang out in the lounge or in any place where there are chairs and company. This will be different hanging out to that of a working day. On working days we hang out any place where there are chairs and company.

The same applies to the afternoon nap. On all afternoons we take a nap after lunch. On a holiday like today we also take a nap after lunch. But somehow it’s a different nap. There is no feeling of guilt at napping in the middle of the day. So all in all we are enjoying the extra holiday. The election results? Hell, we don’t care about those – it’s the holiday that counts…


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