The Retirement Home No-Cholesterol Payback Diet

Oh how we used to eat, to gorge ourselves on all those wonderful tasting foods in fancy restaurants. Remember the huge steaks and fries that followed an order of goose liver savories and the chicken liver patés? Remember the pure chocolate mousses that we finished with followed by the Irish coffee with pure cream? Do you ever think back to those cholesterol packed days?

Well, I have news for you. Your retirement home days are also known as the “pay-back days”. If your digestive system is still operating after the high cholesterol meals, the fiery hot curries, the fat filled sea foods this is where you dine on the opposites. It’s a world of salt-less, spice-less, fat-less, butter-less and taste-less fare. You are now smacking your lips at the thought of yet another early bird dinner of Omega 3 loaded fish followed by a steaming cup of Green Tea to brighten your evening.

Of course you are allowed to eat the occasional orange for the vitamin C and spice up the diet with a little garlic to keep other bugs away. Garlic will also keep unwanted relatives, neighbors and pests away. The Omega 3 will keep your brain cells well lubricated and nimble and the Green Tea, a powerful antioxidant, will stop rust from attacking the metal parts of your memory cells. There are some new discoveries that we have on our diet: one is chocolate which I have been shouting about for years and another is red wine, another personal favorite. In addition we are all getting a bunch of vitamins and when no one is watching we sneak odd shots of single malt whiskey, one of the world’s great lubricants, to keep our joints in shape.



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