The Case of the Vanishing Cheesecake Fairy

Dear Cheesecake Lady – whoever you are,

We moved into the retirement home last March. We were very hesitant about the giant step we were taking and felt pretty miserable and homesick for the first few days. After about a week, we were exploring the place together and we stumbled upon you standing behind a table laden with cakes.

“Should we buy one?” we said. “Maybe that’s what we need to make us feel a little brighter.”

“Take the cheese cake,” you advised. “It’s my specialty and I guarantee that it is exactly what you need when you are feeling a little down.”

We bought one and ran upstairs to our apartment like two squirrels with handfuls of nuts. We brewed up some coffee and cut two chunky slices of your cheesecake. It worked like magic and it was delicious. It was as light as a feather and full of flavor. We felt better immediately. We were about to cut another slice each when my wife said, “Let’s make it last. That cake lady probably comes here only on Tuesdays and that’s when we can buy another one. Let’s ration ourselves to one slice a day!”thCA3JEKZA

So we did. Every morning we each ate a slice and sure enough each day in the retirement home was brighter and more cheerful. On the following Tuesday we rushed downstairs for refills but you were not there. “Perhaps she comes only every second week,” we reasoned, so we hung out for another week. “Maybe it’s only once a month?” No such luck. “Once in 3 months? Once every 6 months?”

Dear Cheesecake Lady – whoever you are,

The one year anniversary of your cheesecake is coming up soon. Can we expect to see you here? Are you by any chance related to the tooth fairy?


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