I Break Out and Eat Junk Food – Yummy!

We eat healthy. The food we buy to cook at home is always healthy food: 1 percent milk, 5 percent cottage cheese, low-fat this, low-taste that and low salt everything. The food we sometimes buy here from the Retirement home kitchen is all healthy and low in everything, although the taste is excellent. Sometimes, though, I get a hankering for the good old carefree junk-food days.

I was out of the retirement home yesterday attending to odd chores and when lunch-time came around, meaning 1 o’clock, I realized I wasn’t going to make it home to eat with my wife. I called her, explained and began thinking about where I could attend to the pangs of hunger growing inside me.

Rushing from one building to another I passed a small food court, meaning 3 coffee shops in a row, a McDonald’s, a salad bar and one I didn’t recognize. As I drew near to see what it was, an attendant leaned over the counter and held out a toothpick with what looked like a piece of chicken on the end. I ate it and it was delicious. I looked up at the menu and ordered a meal.th[8]

The bowl of bean soup was extra spicy and must have contained a taste enhancing substance. I can never make bean soup taste like that! The main course plate that was piled high with Sechuan Chinese chicken with stir fried vegetables and loads of noodles was delicious. It must have been at least 90 percent MSG. I washed it down with a can of regular Coca-cola instead of the usual Diet – if I’m out sinning I’m going to sin properly, I thought.

Today I’m back on the healthy food diet. It’s good food, but it’s missing a certain something. – decadence?


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