They’re Putting Us Seniors In Historical Photographs!

I received an email today that contains a collection of “historical photographs”. I want to put the record straight – those are not historical photographs, they are photographs from my childhood and I do not yet belong to any historical period. Some of those historical photographs are of people I admired (or hated) and some of the photographs were actually posters that were stuck on the wall of my bedroom. They were part of our daily lives, the leaders of our world and many of their names are still well known.

Many of the photographs are from World War II, the war that raged across Europe and the Far East when we were growing up and crowding around the huge radio in the living room, straining over the static to hear who was winning. The great generals Montgomery, Eisenhower, Patton, Bradley were our heroes and members of the Nazi brass were the bad guys. How we whooped when Churchill or Roosevelt came over the air!thCANKF6HD

There are a bunch of pictures from the Kennedy assassination showing the president, his wife and son. That terrible day is not yet 50 years old. And there’s the first moon landing, only 43 years old. These are events that we watched “live” and already they are the subject of historical photographs. We had few historical photographs when we were young; cameras were few and far between in the previous generation.

There are a few seniors here in the retirement home who have lived through history. One hundred years ago the date was 1912. Another world war erupted two years later and Sam on the fifth floor and Albert on the second were shipped to Europe. They have vivid memories of life in the trenches. Problem is, if you ask them about it, they tell you and it’s a long, long story… But that’s real history.


2 responses to “They’re Putting Us Seniors In Historical Photographs!

  • Granny Sharon

    Hi Leon: We have enjoyed each of your Blogs. The “Historical’ one reminded me when I was 65 and I read in the newspaper they were demolishing an ” old ” building and the boiler was being sent to the museum. It was manufactured in England in1936, the year I was born and it was now an antique. Your article make me think, ” What is my label now at 76 – past my due date ?
    Earle Rand

    • Leon Moss

      It’s called “past your sell-by date” the goodies you out back othe shelf in the supermarket. We’re all past that date. I just spent the morning in the urology dept at the hospital (they said I’m fine) . Looking around at all the old guys in the waiting room is quite a shock – I’m with them??? How are you doing earle? Best Leon

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