My Friend Wastes His Time at the Doctor

My friend here at the retirement home, Sid, had a mixed day yesterday – a doctor’s appointment, one of many. This is his story: He tore out of his parking slot at the retirement home and headed for the doctor’s office some 20 kilometers and 2 towns away. He hit his first problem as he turned onto Highway 4 which was choked due to a never–ending construction project. He sat fuming for 25 minutes. Once past that he broke the sound barrier to the next town which was also choked due to their inability to cope with the traffic pouring into their town. This time it was a 30 minute wait. He zoomed past the building where the doctor is located and started looking for a parking place. He found one a kilometer down the street and walked, jogged and limped back.

He was an hour late for his appointment and hot, sweaty, nervous, irritable and in a foul mood. The doctor was sitting behind an empty desk, alternately clicking on the mouse of his computer and drumming his fingers as he waited for a customer. He looked at Sid and grunted, not inspiring confidence in his new patient. Sid explained the complicated problem that another doctor had said he suffered from and he listened in silence and then pointed to the couch. The examination was quick and painless. Sid said, “He poked me all over, grunted a few times, probably in disappointment, and then said, ‘I don’t know why you are here. Go away! There is nothing wrong with you!’”

Sid: “I was out of there like a shot! I took a leisurely stroll back to my car and drove home to the strains of Mozart on the radio. I was home in half an hour!”

Good news from a doctor can even solve traffic problems.



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