I Am a Computerized Senior Citizen with All My Chips

I am a computerized senior citizen with a motherboard of healthy chips. I even know my way around the quayboard. I am proud that at 79.7 I can still hold up my end of a computer discussion with a teenage grandchild. It’s when they graduate to Smartphones, iPads and such that I get lost. But on the computer I’m fine. I am still using the 2003 versions of the software but it does what I tell it to do and only occasionally do I get stuck.

This morning a new problem arose and I am at a loss. I received an email addressed to me from a Jessica Smith announcing that she has changed her email address. An easy one, I thought. I know how to update her in my address book. I go to the address book scroll down, but find no Smiths or Jessicas of any type. Then I started to think about Jessica. I don’t recall her and the harder I concentrate on both Jessica and Smith, the foggier the screen becomes.

I am pretty sure I don’t know this person, but seeing as she was kind enough to inform me of the change she is making I feel I must update her somewhere – in my computer address book, the old phone list in the draw under the telephone or in my memory cells. Now who exactly is Jessica Smith?

I don’t want to ignore the message she sent me; who knows, maybe she is important to me. Should I send her an email and say “thank you for contacting me – could you please remind me who you are or tell me how we are connected? Or would that be rude? Perhaps I could just plead old age?


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