Of Course We Seniors Go Shopping… But Do We Buy?

Next time you’re in a mall, take a good look around, especially in the areas where there are benches or places where weary shoppers can rest for a minute. You will see senior citizens, lots of them, sitting quietly watching the action passing by. Not just any seniors, mainly the males of the species. It’s easy to understand what’s going on. The wife of the senior said, “Honey, we have to go to the mall this afternoon. I need a new xxxxx and I know they have them there.”

Senior husband grunts, reaches for his car keys and off they go. The problems start immediately – no parking, the senior’s nightmare. Driving along nice wide, straight roads is one thing. Doing laps in a crowded parking structure is something else. A twitchy old foot on a sensitive accelerator is known to be a source of trouble. Once they are inside the shopping level, the senior wife starts diving in and out the different stores. The senior husband, unable to maintain the pace, seeks a bench and drops in thankfully.

Now they are in the mall do they shop? They wander in and out of the stores, look at the merchandise, shake their heads at the prices, agree that they don’t really need the article and anyway, there is nowhere to keep it in the retirement home. From there they head to the next store which produces the same results.

Back in his apartment, senior husband hits the sofa with a sigh and closes his eyes, while senior wife says, “That was a lovely trip to the mall, dear. We must do it more often.”

Senior husband:


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