A Real Senior’s Birthday with a Birthday Cake and Birthday Presents

She turned 85 yesterday and last evening she celebrated in real style. We received our invitation a week ago, inviting us to attend her party to be held in the multi-purpose hall downstairs on Monday evening at 7:30. It even had our table number written in the corner. We organized a gift, dressed for the party and showed up in good time.


A catered affair, no less, with about 100 excited and hungry guests. Wine flowed, there were a few balloons floating around and the food tables were laden with a great selection, especially chosen for senior palates. A few speeches were made and the atmosphere became quite emotional as old friends stood up and proposed toasts and recounted 40, 50 and 60 year-old tales of friendship. The birthday lady responded briefly and the waiters dashed around filling our glasses.

We worked our way through the main course and then headed for the sweets table. The caterer understands the human mind, quite well, I thought, as I picked up a cookie that by its taste was filled with pure milk chocolate. I had two of those and then spied the trays of cheesecake. The cheese was not that 5 percent stuff that is advertised to keep your cholesterol under control for the next 100 years. This was full-cream cheese. I have now exceeded my cholesterol allowance for this and a couple more years.

At the coffee counter I checked my watch to see if it was decaffeinated time yet and then went for a double espresso. By the way I slept last night it was double caffeine as well.

All in all a great birthday party! We look forward to the 86th and 87th


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