Harry, Are You Alright? Please Wake Up!

We had another one of those false alarms on Friday in the lounge. It was full of residents, all busy with their free coffee and cake, conversation and arguments were raging up and down, a few great grandchildren were running around and getting in everyone’s way – normal Friday morning bedlam. I looked around to watch the action for a moment and there was Harry, fast asleep in an armchair. I envied him being able to drop off in the midst of all the noise. He even had a small smile on his face as though he was far away in some serene place, undisturbed and uninvolved.

I see Harry often. Our apartments are on the same floor so we often bump waiting for the elevator and we chat about important stuff, the weather, the food, politics and make other small talk. A big man, he seems quite fit although he uses a cane to get around. He seems to be one of those quiet men… never speaks unless spoken to. Always has a smile on his face.

I glanced at him again and saw that he had not moved. Of course, after that I kept turning to look at him. After all, how long can a man sit without moving? Finally the penny dropped. Harry had left for some other place. No noise, no hysterics. Like a magic show, he had just got up and was gone.

I got up, crossed the floor and stood looking down at him. Mike joined me and we stood uncertainly for a moment, looking for a sign of life.

“He’s gone, huh?”

“How can you tell?”

“Dunno. Just gone.”

“Should I go for help?”

“Yeah, may as well…”

Harry came to life at that moment. He blinked, fixed the smile on his face and said, “Hi guys! Have we had coffee yet?”


One response to “Harry, Are You Alright? Please Wake Up!

  • smitamishrablog

    If only no one would ever leave us – loved the way its written but i am reminded of all the elders i am close to. And I dont want any of them to leave before I can thank them enough for being part of my life and guiding me and teaching me and taking care of me.

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