Once again, Thank Goodness It’s Friday! For a few weeks after we moved into the retirement home, somewhere between the onset of panic over making the move and mentally arriving at the acceptance stage, I had a couple of months of idyllic timelessness, meaning I never knew or cared what day it was. All the days of the week felt equal and passed seamlessly from one to another. There was little to do, everything was new and curiosity overcame all other emotions. This state of inertia has remained quite consistent over the past 6 months with odd speed bumps and potholes along the way, none of them life threatening.

And then this week arrived 6 days ago. Top of the list of irritations is the traffic followed closely by parking. Bureaucracy was low for a change but a non-understanding of a clerical procedure by a Health Fund clerk hit an all time high.

Then came yesterday. I had to work. That was something else I thought I would never do again, but I am not always correct. Some guy on a motorbike must have been showing off and hit a truck on the highway. The traffic build-up behind this scene extended for about 20 kilometers, and the traffic crawled, each passing driver leaning out to look and offer a few words of admiration or condolence. The usual 45 minute drive took close to 2 hours.

The work was to be handled by a small committee of engineers was preparing a response to a request for a bid.   The work is in a foreign country, our knowledge of local conditions is limited, arguments over prices raged up and down, the pizza that was ordered out for lunch at 3pm and was cold and the trip home in the 6pm Thursday evening traffic was a nightmare. The week finally ended. TGIF!


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