Is It Possible That I’m Too Old To Shop???

We heard that a new mall had opened in a town nearby and today we decided to visit and inspect it. New malls are exciting, full of the unknown, stores from out of town, different fast foods in the food courts, escalator rides and ice-cream kiosks. We set out with eager anticipation.

The trip went well, the traffic was light and what do you know, there was more than plenty of parking. Inside, the mall is impressive. It has an incredibly high ceiling that gives one a feeling of being in an enormous space, great lighting and beautiful, expensive tiled floors designed to make you too, feel that you are rich. We walked along oohing and aahing at the goods in the windows. My dickey back held up well and I managed the first 20 minutes very well.

Despite the fact that we were not shopping, I spotted a pair of jeans in a window and I stopped to admire them. I could wear these, I thought and I saw that the price was my size as well. Inside, an assistant rushes over, sees me examining the jeans and asks my size. I tell her and she goes over to another rack. “No, no, I want a pair like this in light blue,” I say.

“Sorry, Sir, we have nothing in that brand in your size. Maybe on Thursday. Have you seen these shirts we have on offer?”

But my shopping moment has already left. It must be an age thing – my shopping window is open only for a few minutes and it just slammed shut. I don’t even feel like looking at anything else. Strange. There was a time when I loved shopping. Could I have outgrown it at last?


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