A Day on the Other Side of the Fence

It’s not like we’re living in a prison or detention camp or anything like that, but there is a wall around this retirement home with electrically operated gates to let people in and out. When we first moved in I used to get a warm feeling as we passed through the gate and came inside. “Aah, I’m safe from intruders,” I would think, followed by “I wonder if I can cancel my householder’s insurance?” After 7 months, I sometimes wonder if that wall is there to keep people out…

Today we had a day outside. We drove into the city, had tea with friends on their rooftop garden. It was a complete change from sitting in the lounge with our retirement home friends. We discussed different things, talked about other people and sat in a different world for a couple of hours.


The interesting thing was that same warm feeling I got as we pulled up at the gate at home, waited for it to open and let us in. Back inside. This is home, where we live and eat and where all our things are. It’s always great to be back home.

But some questions arose while we were outside, mainly about the people we saw on the streets. There’s some miscasting or misplacement of people. Sometimes inside the Retirement Home I look at a person and think that he or she doesn’t belong – too young, too fit, too anything. This doesn’t happen often. But outside on the street I see many people who appear to be on the wrong side of the wire. I reckon they should be inside.

If you ever drive your car the wrong way into the car-wash, or try and make calls on your TV remote you may want to think about where you are living…


One response to “A Day on the Other Side of the Fence

  • av&av

    Hi Leon. Just to let you know that I’m “on board” and already enjoying your blog. I know that I’ll look forward to my email even more.

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