Help Me Before I am Deleted – I’m In Electronic Overload

I think I may have drifted into electronic overload. My fingers no longer cope with the small buttons on cellphones and those other new-fangled gadgets. My mind no longer grasps the fact that sometimes you have to right-click on the mouse, and my eyes refuse to focus on a font under size 14.

To counter all these difficulties I have set up my own personal help-desk system and staffed it with grandchildren – the old folks’ last resort in times of electronic need. Grand-children are born knowing everything. I recently spent three entire days trying to capture a picture from one of these artist’s presentations that comes in the e-mail. To no avail. I tried everything, ‘save all’, ‘left-click’, ‘right-click’, ‘file as’ and any other combination of electronic commands that I could think of. The computer screen glared at me and remained unmoved.

At 6 pm on the third day, grandson number 4 dropped-in to say hello or check on us (I’m never sure of the motives behind such visits). He threw the standard teenager’s greeting at me, “Hey, Pop, Whatsup?” and stood looking at me in my scrunched up fetal position in front of the computer. “I’m trying to save this picture,” I explained. He leaned over and with his left hand casually clicked and flicked the mouse a couple of times and said, “There, you have it now.” Why didn’t I think of trying with my left hand? I guess that my case of electronic overload may be worse than I thought.

I suspect I’ve lost the race that I was enjoying – me against the hi-tech world. I was way ahead for years, always full of new ideas and exciting concepts. Now the new stuff flashes past at ever-increasing speed leaving me floundering in its wake. I can manage my computer as I always did and I seldom try anything new unless there’s a grandchild within easy call.

Is this progress… or plain old age?


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