Is It Okay To Label My Work “Made In A Retirement Home”?

Some years ago (when I was young), I was asked to edit a long technical article. I agreed and the work finally arrived. Halfway through, I found what I thought was an error and I asked my client if I could discuss the point with the author. “Sure, call him. He lives at the Greenacres Retirement Home.” I was stunned. Someone who lives in a retirement home is still batting out highly technical articles (and being paid to write them)? Since then I have learned a great deal. There is some great work being done in retirement homes by some old, very old and very competent people.

But I still carry a doubt. I do odd work, for which I am paid and I am reluctant to add the label “Made in a Retirement Home”. I have this mental picture of the very young world outside the fence and it’s all due to the young people. This is only partly true. There are some great brains at work here and combined with years and years of experience they could be doing some earth-shaking things.

Perhaps its time to put together a Seniors’ think-tank and see if we old-timers can come up with a scheme to get the world back on the rails. We left things in good shape when we retired. There was money in the bank, a cold peace simmered on the back burner and there was enough food and water for everyone. That’s not the situation today. We could help you if you let us get close to the steering wheel but of course that’s not going to happen. We didn’t let our parents back in either.

This article was written in a retirement home.


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