What We Seniors Talk About In The Retirement Home

Seniors talk. A lot. In fact, you may say that this is our main occupation. Old age has finally brought us to a point in life where we are able to bring our full concentration to bear on our conversations. We are no longer troubled by such mundane matters as work, money and other unimportant issues. We can confine ourselves to the essential: food, drink, reading, reminiscing and the weather.

Walk over to any of the conversation groups in the lounge of this retirement home and you will findresidents furiously engaged in coffee and vital conversation. “I have tried cooking Spaghetti Bolognese with and without red wine. There is nothing to argue about. It must have red wine and lots of it. A couple of glasses inside the cook makes it taste better as well!”

“We drank 3 different varieties of single-malt scotch last night: Glenlivet, Mcallan and I can’t remember the third. You can’t compare them to blended scotch, even the expensive ones! It’s definitely worth paying the extra!”

“If we don’t get good rains this year we are doomed, I say! Poor rains mean poor crops, floury fruit and sour oranges. We need an average of at least 20 millimeters every month from now until April and then we’ll be okay!”

Seniors are great at reminiscing as well. We can discuss any battle of the Second World War and can recite long and accurate descriptions of minor and major incidents in world history from 1920 onwards. We remember the names and the dates as though it happened yesterday. “The August Revolution? Hell, I was standing right next to General What’s-his-name when that bullet went clean through his head!”

Seniors always talk with great self-confidence and are unshakeable in their opinions. You cannot argue with a senior. He knows everything and a whole lot more as well.


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