Finger Trouble in the Retirement Home

I walked in from the chair exercise session a few minutes ago breathless and aching and plopped down in front of the computer. According to the internet, there are 640 muscles in the human body. Would the very trim blonde chair-exercise instructor care to explain why I have 973 pains in my body at this moment? Can she tell me why I have a horrible click in the second joint of my third finger, the one she said we should exert maximum pressure on in the interest of fitness? And most important of all, what’s happened to the ‘G’ on my keyboard that produces a blank when I press on it with my index finger. This is important because I press on all the keys with my index finger.

After 6 months I still cannot believe the number of different exercises that can be performed while sitting in a chair and which cover all the muscles in the human body. I also cannot believe the amount of exertion that goes on that room at every session which lasts a crisp 40 minutes. Which exercise is it that makes me sweat?

The classes are full. This morning’s session included about 30 women and 5 men and everyone manages to do the exercises, some better than others. One thing is common: everyone looks pleased and relieved when the session ends with 2 minutes of lights out and slow breathing. Walkers are parked around the perimeter of the large room and caregivers are parked outside the room, no doubt extolling the physical prowess of their respective employers. All in all, a most satisfactory twice-weekly event.


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