Preempt Your Kids: Choose Your Retirement Home Yourself

You don’t have to wait until you can’t think for yourself to choose your retirement home.  In fact you will make a better choice than your children because you understand your needs better. Once we decided to make our move, based on our own personal and intimate age-related information, we visited a few homes, asked many questions, checked, rechecked and examined from top to bottom, spoke to residents and finally decided. Then we told the kids about it.

Our decision was a good one and everything is fine, but now I’m facing an unexpected problem which I didn’t foresee – sheer laziness. This retirement home has everything we need right here. Except for the pool, I never have to leave the building.

It has a clinic, a library and a gym. It provides food if we want to eat here and it provides entertainment and culture if we wish to attend. A traveling bank and a traveling dentist call in regularly. The library is downstairs with its great collection of books in many languages, and the gym, exercise rooms and a synagogue are on the same floor.

Now comes the really bad news: there is an in-house hairdresser who is fully booked on most days and to cap it all, there is a small sized supermarket on the premises where one can find most things. I was fine up that that point: I imagined myself slipping out from time to time, sneaking out through the gate and having a cup of coffee with the boys and exchanging the latest jokes. No such luck. This retirement home has its own coffee shop.

So I’m stuck here. I remember the days that I used to sit in a park and paint the scenery. Today I sit outside and paint the beautiful gardens of the retirement home.


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