What’s Next On TV At The Retirement Home?

We old and ancient sports fans watch a lot of TV here at the retirement home; “Too much,” my mother would say. “You’re not allowed more than 1 hour a day!”

At the moment, Mom, I think I’m averaging about 16 hours a day and that includes the nights when I sleep. On sleepless nights the average soars. I watch any time, morning, noon and night… Luckily the earth is round so there’s always something on.

In addition to watching what’s showing now, we seniors always look ahead. When it was the world cup football we knew athletics would follow in the run-up to the Olympics. This was followed by the US Gold open. Then came the Olympic Games themselves, with spectacular ceremonies and weeks of fascinating and exciting swimming and athletics. That ended and we hardly had time to catch our collective breaths when the US Open tennis final was upon us, providing some great entertainment.  It is now heading into the quarter-finals, meaning that it will end this coming weekend.

So what’s next on the box? If there is no more sports, and sports includes snooker, which has become a senior TV watcher’s favorite, we’ll be back to watching crime or worse, the romantic stuff they feed us. The best alternative when there is no decent sports are the old movies on Turner Classic Movies or MGM. But even these channels are stingy with what they dish up. We grew up in World War II – where are all the old war movies? And the comedies, the guys that made us laugh? Danny Kaye, Bob Hope, Walter Matthau? Those were the great movies from our own times and they had us rolling in the aisles all those years ago. We could use some of that laughter now that we are older, a lot wiser and too easily bored.


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