A Free Mid-Summer Lunch – In the Retirement Home

This is midsummer, the temperature outside is about 36 degrees and the humidity swings somewhere between dripping and soaking. And today is the Grand Mid-Summer Festive Luncheon at the retirement home – a free lunch, no less and every single resident is here. That means 250 people. Set for noon, anxious diners began rolling in half an hour early, worried that there may not be enough room for everyone. After the residents had parked their walkers and explained to their caregivers that they would be eating a little later, the director made a short speech of welcome and said, “In these days before the coming winter”. Winter! Wow! I shivered at the thought of cold days and colder nights and blessed rain.

What a lunch! And all prepared while we were looking on. The maintenance staff grilled chicken wings, meat patties and sausages on barbecues outside and the food was served by the staff. On the tables was a selection of salads to go with the meat. The residents tucked in. I saw bottles of wine and other drinks being passed around and someone even put a glass of beer in front of me. To cap it were little individual servings of a chocolate mousse and then the staff walked between the tables offering little squares of home-made chocolate. I used both this and next year’s sugar and cholesterol allowances on the chocolate. The noise level inside the dining area was at maximum and the air-conditioning chillers were belting out cool air at high speed to keep the temperature down.

To organize the food and seat all these elderly people in one area and keep them happy was a major undertaking. The management did a great job – it will be remembered by all as a great success! We look forward to the Wild and Wet Winter Breakfast…


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