Retirement House Rules

We had a visitor here at the Retirement Home today and after giving her the grand tour and showing her all the in-house facilities and trying to convince her that this is the ideal way of life for seniors, we took her to lunch in the dining room. The food is excellent but we eat there only on ‘special’ occasions. What we often do, is take a container down at noon and buy a meal or part of a meal and take it back to our apartment.

As usual the choice of dishes was great, three different meat dishes, a couple of vegetables, a choice of two soups, lots of salads and sweets. Generous helpings and all for 33 shekels or $8.25. There is no better value. Many of the residents take a full meal to their apartment and it sees them through 2 days.

We chose our food and settled down to eat. After the first forkful our visitor looked around the table and said, “Where’s the salt?” She went back to the lady who was serving up the food and said can I have salt please?”

“Sorry ma’am, no salt.”

“Why not?” asked my wife’s cousin.

“Retirement house rules, no salt. Older folks, blood pressure, you know…”

Back at the table we continued eating.

“Enjoying the food?” I asked.

“Bit bland,” she replied.

“Ask for other spices,” I suggested and she did.

“No hot spices here, no curries, no chilies, ma’am.”

“Why not?”

“Retirement house rules. Older folks, heartburn, reflux, you know…”

The sweets on offer were stewed pears.

“These are completely unsweetened!” cried cousin

“Go and get some sugar, it will taste better.”

“No sugar is used in the preparation of the food, ma’am,”

“Why not?”

“Retirement house rules. Older folks, diabetes, you know…”

There are good reasons for taking the food up to one’s apartment.


One response to “Retirement House Rules

  • Granny Sharon

    Great fun for all us Senior!! My blonde daughter-in-law loves to comment on what she now calls “Senior Moments” instead of blonde jokes!! Granny Sharon

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