Memory Loss Strikes Twice in the Retirement Home

We all l know that Seniors and Memory Loss go together. Somewhere inside our brains the memory cells go into retirement earlier than other parts of the body, leaving the body with no idea of where it’s going or where it has been. In severe cases it’s called Dementia or Alzheimer’s; in milder cases these lapses are ‘Senior moments’ or just plain old ‘forgetfulness’. In the retirement home it is a common phenomenon.

Last week this retirement home was hit by the ‘double-whammy memory bug’, a frequent visitor here. Joe, who lives on the fifth floor, had been out for coffee. He came home one evening, rode the elevator up to his apartment, unlocked the door with the key which was on a large bunch, and headed urgently for the bathroom. Fifteen seconds later, Rosie who is on the same floor, arrived in the second elevator. Passing Joe’s apartment on the way to hers, she saw the bunch of keys hanging in the door. “Tsk, tsk,” she said, “naughty, naughty,” and took the keys out. Inside her apartment, she hung her keys on their hook and hung Joe’s keys next to them.

Joe finished in the bathroom, closed his front door and went to bed. Sometime next morning, he decided to go down to his car and went to take his keys off their hook. No keys. Joe went into frantic mode and turned his apartment upside down in a fruitless search. Down the corridor, Rosie went to get her keys before she went off to the coffee lounge. She saw the other bunch hanging there, scratched her head, smiled sweetly and murmured, “Oh my! I wonder what those are for.”

This is a classical ‘no-win’ situation. The only one who gained anything in this incident was the locksmith. The double-strike memory-loss cell smiled and chalked up another victory. Joe will never see his keys again and Rosie will never find out what the other bunch is for.


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