Of Course We Celebrate Birthdays In The Retirement Home!

In fact, for every year we add to the total, the party gets wilder and wilder… Somewhere in a lifetime, we all stop looking forward to the next birthday, the next new year, the next holiday and the next major event and start looking back at our achievements, one of which, is our age. “I’m 86, you know. I remember when the Second World War started!” So when a birthday rolls around, it’s an occasion for celebration.

We leave out the part with the candles but we put out cakes and other sugar free delights, and invite friends to come and join us. Today’s party was pitched at the 75 to 85 age-group and while there were no real birthday gifts a great time was had by all. As always there is an age limit so no grandchildren or great-grandchildren were invited and there wasn’t an iPhone or iPad in sight; we sat and talked to each other as we had done in the old days.

Conversation is limited as follows: Children – 2 minutes each, grand children – 3 minutes each, great grandchildren – 1 minute each and ailments – 2 minutes each. You can understand the reasons for these limitations. Much of the conversation consisted of “remember when” stories about travel, holidays, major milestones in our lives and in the world in general.

The food was prepared by 75 year old housewives, who have unlimited experience in the kitchen and these babes know their cooking. There is no such thing as an untried recipe in their books! Happy birthday every one!


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