Seeking Trade-In on Used Back

  • 1933 model.
  • Lower vertebrae badly worn.
  • All discs accounted for. Some damaged.
  • Rest of spine in good condition – could be used for spare parts.
  • Nerves present. Can feel them all the way down.
  • High mileage.
  • Low on fuel consumption.
  • MRI, CT Scan and countless x-rays available for inspection.
  • Works fine in combination with walker/wheelchair.


What is it with backs, or more accurately, spines? Was it the way my father tossed me around in 1934 when I was one year old? Was it the way I carried the kids around on my shoulders? Often I see a young grandchild doing some impossible maneuver and I think to myself that will lead to back trouble one day in the far future.

Here in the retirement home, back problems seem to be the scourge of the residents, judging by the number of canes, sticks, walkers, wheelchairs and motorized trikes. One man has a shiny red 4×4 that gets him around. Then there are the caregivers who support their employers.

Of all the parts of the human body, the back appears to be the one that we abuse the most, simply by not looking after it. I can remember periods in my life when I lifted heavy objects without thinking or taking precautions, carried and lifted children, played rugby and other rough sports. So now pay-back time has arrived.

Back pain is absolutely relentless and it overtakes one’s entire being, pushing everything else aside.

So back-victims of the world unite – let’s suffer together!


4 responses to “Seeking Trade-In on Used Back

  • Avis

    Now “pay-back” time. Is that supposed to be a pun. Enjoying your articles, Lee

  • bodybolster

    I am not sure but I am wondering whether a bodybolster would let you have a bit of pain relief – especially for the people who are chair-bound. I am visiting an occupational therapist at an aged facility tomorrow and I am going to ask her. Have a look at the website and see if it might be something that helps. I know wrapping it in a soft fabric makes it feel even better when my back is exceedingly sore. I have even crocheted a cover for it. Check it out

  • bodybolster

    Reblogged this on back pain and commented:
    Make sure your back is in the best health possible

  • Jill

    If it weren’t so painful, I would say : good.

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