The Disadvantages/Advantages of Living in a Retirement Home

Your first fight is against laziness. My car sometimes stands unmoved for two or three days in a row, something that never happened when we lived “on the outside”. I sometimes never step outside into the sunshine for two or three days in a row. At this rate I will have to jack up my daily dose of vitamin D to compensate. It’s the middle of summer and any reason to stay close to the air-conditioning outlet is welcome.

Take the meals, for instance. My wife has gone to the hairdresser. “Organize something for lunch!” she yelled as she closed the door. Easy, I thought. I took a couple of plastic food containers and wandered downstairs to the dining-room where the lunch dishes are already set out in their serving tubs. From the selection of 4 meat dishes and 4 vegetable dishes I chose 2 meats and 2 vegetables, enough for two meals each. The bill? A whopping $8.75 or 35 shekels. Should I have gone out in the midday sun, driven over to a mall or fast-food center to buy take-aways for at least double the price? The same goes for the coffee shop off the entrance lobby.

Back in the apartment, which is roomy and has all mod cons, including a separate room for the computer, I sank back on the couch and watched the Olympic Games athletics, hoping that I hadn’t missed Usain Bolt win another magic dash.

The disadvantages of living here? I haven’t given up yet; I’m sure with some concentrated searching I will think of something…


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