Teenage Technology in the Retirement Home

A blog, I thought, when I was looking for some way to fill a couple of spare hours here in the retirement home; how long can it take me to write an article, after all? And once it’s written I simply paste it into one of those blogging programs that are so simple to use that “even an idiot can operate it”, said someone ‘who knew’. Well, I wonder how much he really knew because I am shoulder-deep in technology that I don’t understand and barely know how to operate and I am sinking fast. The problem, I suppose, is that I still walk around with a folded newspaper under my arm instead of an iPad.

I finally admit that I have lost my personal race with technology. I can no longer take part in a conversation with my children and grandchildren. There was a time, not that long ago, when everyone talked when the family got together and even the grandchildren offered their opinions. It’s over. They arrive, unship their electronic devices, connect up to the wireless system that I installed when we moved in, and all conversation ceases.

Each one sits gazing at a tiny screen with fingers flying over minute keyboards. I once asked if I could see what they were busy with.


“It’s just a game, Pop.”

“So let me see, then.”

“Okay, look here, Pop. See that blue car racing down the track?”

“What track? Where’s the car?”

“Forget it, Pop, you’re too old for this game.”

Yes I am…

But now and again I get a spot of revenge.

In the Coffee Shop the other morning I asked the guy at the next table to lend me his newspaper for a minute. His visiting son responded quickly, leaned over and handed me an iPad. The pesky fly that had been looking for crumbs on the table top never knew what hit him…


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