Write Your First Book in the Retirement Home

This is the stage in your life when you have time on your hands, fewer chores to attend to and shopping time is down. From time to time you may actually wish you had something to do. Well, here is a suggestion for you: Write that book you have been thinking about.

Imagine that 30 or 40 years from now a middle-aged grandchild pulls a long-forgotten manuscript from his bookshelves and reads about his grandfather or grandmother and the world they lived in back in 2012.  He or she would get a glimpse of life in those days, how much things cost, what a visit to the supermarket was like, what the traffic was like and get a glimpse of the world situation, seen through the eyes of his grandparent. Grandson or granddaughter would learn somethin

g about you as well, what you were like; were you fat, thin, tall or short, what languages did you speak? What were your parents like and your grandparents? Where were they born? You could be covering a period of over a century.

How do you do this and what do you have to do to get started?

Choose a grandchild, any one, and write a letter to him or her.

 “Dear Pete/Jenny,

I’m writing to you but please share this letter with your siblings and all your cousins. I thought I would drop you a line and tell you what’s going on in my life. It’s nothing dramatic, but my life is pretty quiet. I live in a retirement home in Even Yehuda. I drove into the city this morning to meet friends for coffee, but now  that the price of gas has hit 8 shekels a liter, I may not do this again. The traffic on the highway was horrendous, the 12 kilometers was a crawl all the way and took me over an hour and it was hot. My dashboard thermometer showed the outside temperature as 38 degrees!



On the next day, or when you next feel like writing, do it again and call it Letter No 2 or Chapter 2. Don’t mail the letter, just keep collecting them. If you keep doing this you will soon loosen up in your writing, write longer letters and leave behind a highly personal and intimate look at your life in 2012 for your descendants. You could even stick in pictures of yourself, your home or pet. Write about the food you eat or cook, or the clothes you wear. In 40 0r 50 years time things may be very different. Try it sometime!


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