Is It All Downhill From Here?

My car, which has served me so well for all these years, has celebrated its 15th birthday and is showing signs of its age. We’re about the same age, me and my car, both showing areas of deterioration.

The car is basically 3 systems put together in a fancy looking body. There is a mechanical system, meaning gears and drive shaft and brakes and other metal thingies that make the car go and stop; there is a fuel system consisting of a gas tank, fuel lines and pumps and a carburetor and then there is an electrical system which besides operating the lights and radio, supplies power to a gadget called a distributor which provides sparks that ignite the fumes from the gas, causing little explosions that push pistons up and down and make the car go. It’s pretty simple – ask any motor mechanic.

As the car ages, all these systems and parts start to wear, some faster than others, and need replacing. Any part in the car can be replaced…

The human body too consists of a few different systems, such as the fuel system meaning smoked salmon, steaks and other food with beer and whiskey. There is the muscle system which puts the body into motion, a blood system with a pump, a nervous system, an intelligence gadget and so on. It’s also pretty simple – ask any doctor. And like the car the body wears as we age. So we replace parts; knees, hips and sometimes major parts such as kidneys and even hearts. Unlike the car not all parts can be replaced. If the thinking mechanism goes, that’s it. You get to live with a substitute thinker, called a spouse or a caregiver. That’s one of the parts that cannot be replaced. There is a limit.

When the car has had all its parts replaced, it simply smiles and says, “I guess it’ll be all downhill from here.”

But when the body has had the maximum number of parts replaced…



One response to “Is It All Downhill From Here?

  • lostnchina

    I just started following your blog and am going to make a point of reading each and every one of your entries.

    My dad is about 82 (he won’t tell us his real age) and gets frustrated when his mind is still sharp, like yours, but his body won’t follow along the way it used to. So I also liken his body to an aged car. I tell him he started out with a really good model, top of the line – but with age, he has to take it a little easier: warm up the car a bit longer, take it easy on the sharp turns, make sure it gets all the proper tune ups, etc. Actually, I don’t think he appreciates the analogy much, since he’s pretty much driven lemons his whole life. Oh well.

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