Bingo with Old-Age Opposition

The retirement home where we live is one of four in the area. There are major and minor differences between all these homes and often we hears stories of serious competition, like “our apartment is 435 square feet, how big is yours?”

The main competition is, of course is in the fees which vary from expensive to stratospheric. But the populations are similar and an air of friendly neighborliness prevails, so when we received an invitation to visit one of the other homes to play bingo yesterday we went along enthusiastically.

The bingo was mildly enjoyable – much more so by the old lady who won every round that was played – but we received a couple of nasty shocks.

Among the players was a couple who had been neighbors of ours about 20 years ago. “Wow, look how Jack and Sheila gave aged! They both look so old and look how slowly they walk! Good grief! Do we look like that too?”

The other shock was another couple who we have not seen for many years. “Just look at him, he must be ill.” His wife asked us in to their home for coffee and here we heard that the poor guy has cancer. He looked quite ghastly and spent the half-hour coffee time sitting on the couch staring into space.

What does one say? I hope he will have an easy time. We wish you strength.


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